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About Us

We love the Commonwealth of Virginia. Started by two people with a passion for Virginia and roots extending back to the Virginia Colony, Dogwood & Dominion is a traditional clothing brand inspired by Virginia’s culture, history, and sporting traditions.
We aim to spark a renewed interest in the culture and history of Virginia. The architecture, natural landscapes, culinary traditions, and even the dialect and accent of the Old Dominion were once recognizable as distinctly Virginian. In an age of constant mobility and less focus on an established local community, these traditions have been diluted and in many areas forgotten. We want to remind people of what makes Virginia special and inspire an interest in preservation.
We partner with local artists, artisans, and small businesses to bring you fine apparel and goods representative of Virginia; and a portion of our sales are donated to organizations in the community focused on preservation.
For generations Virginia set the standard for style and pastime throughout the South. To symbolize this, our brand is represented by the American Foxhound, a breed developed by avid fox hunter, waterfowler, and gentleman - George Washington himself.